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SOUND Relationships

Strengthening Individuals and Families

Teresa Jacobs is a personal development mentor and relationship educator who finds joy in seeing others succeed. Let us help you learn important tools that will strengthen your family's foundation.  

Strengthening Families

Relationships are complicated and strong emotions drive us to behave in ways we regret. We have the tools to help you have a better relationship with yourself, deal with tantrums, teens, dating, marriage, or aging parents. We specialize in teaching scientifically proven techniques that work.

Strengthening Couples

Be SOUND. Let us help you strengthen your marriage. We understand what you are going through and we know how to help!  Trust us to analyze your relationship strengths and weaknesses.  With our Relationship Assessment, we can recommend which resources will be most helpful to you.  Already getting counseling?  Great!  We can augment your therapy sessions with our program.  

Quality Blog Posts 

Our blog posts teach you ways to get started. Need more? We offer training that takes you further.


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Be a No Drama Llama

We give you the tools to deal with conflict at home, with your friends, and at work. 

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No Drama Llama Classes for Kids and Teens

The Oak Method Blueprint

Bringing you from surviving to thriving
4 phases for personal and interpersonal growth

Phase 1

Personal Development

-Bounce back from setbacks
-Be emotionally resilient
-Take care of yourself

Phase 2

Build trust, love, and friendship

-Build trust
-Strengthen relationships
-Learn the magnet principle

Phase 3

Deal with drama

-Quickly resolve arguments
-Give advice that sticks
-Calm fear and uncertainty in others
-Help others see your point of view

Phase 4

Find your purpose, create shared dreams and goals

-Find your purpose
-Make an impact
-Create the future you want


Oak Method Masterclass Coming Soon!

If you love the No Drama Llama Workshop, you'll love the Oak Method Masterclass!   Get on our list to get updates!