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No Drama Llamas Workshop

10 Days of awesomeness to strengthen your family

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Who should take this workshop?

This workshop is great for a variety of people.
-Parents of difficult children
-Students who deal with roommates
-Couples who want to strengthen their relationship
-Business professionals dealing with drama
-Family members living with an aging relative
-and more!

What will I learn in the workshop?

You will learn valuable skills such as how to:  quickly resolve arguments, give advice that sticks, calm fear and uncertainty in others, and even how to help others see your point of view.  The result is that you will be able to confidently navigate around the mess that drama llamas leave lying around to step in. 

What is included?

You will get a daily video lesson, printable work pages, a daily challenge, and a private FB community for all the participants of the workshop.  The challenge will run Monday thru Friday for 2 weeks.  

What if I miss part of the workshop?

We keep the content up for 10 days after the workshop ends so you can play catch up. 

Tell me about the teacher

Teresa Jacobs, your instructor, is a certified teacher and relationship educator.  She teaches research-proven techniques that she uses herself with her family.
Here are a few foundational beliefs: 
-Your thoughts lead to feelings, which lead to actions.  Therefore thoughts become reality.  
-You can't serve others with an empty emotional bucket.  Self-care is vital to inner strength.
-Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional
-God answers prayers. He knows your name and loves you.
-Personal development comes line upon line.  Be patient with the process.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds once the workshop begins.  If you make a mistake in your order, we will work with you.

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